Summer Recovery Program

Summer is almost over.

Did you “backslide a little”?

Don’t look or feel as good as you did a few months ago?

NOW… is the time to get back on track!

It’s true… summertime is a great time to celebrate with family and friends at parties, on vacations, and “just hanging out”. Unfortunately sometimes… all these “good times” result in a bigger waistline – and it can sneak up on you.

Maybe you “over did it” this past summer and now are wondering…

  • HOW… are you going to get back to your pre-summer body?

  • HOW… are you going to get your metabolism back on track?

  • HOW… are you going to lose the weight you gained?

  • HOW… are you going to prevent even more weight gain before the holidays start in just a few months from now?


There’s plenty of time to be ready… if you start now.

If you “over did it” the past few months and need a jump start back to a leaner, healthier, and fitter lifestyle, our Summer Recovery Program is for YOU!

Our Summer Recovery Program is a short, 4-week “metabolism reset” weight loss nutrition & coaching program for both women and me that is specifically designed to get you back on track toward a leaner, fat-burning body.  It incorporates some of the latest weight loss and metabolism-correcting strategies so you can look and feel your best.

Here’s What’s Included In Our 4-Week Summer Recovery Program:

  • “Before” Assessment – Includes measurement of your current weight, a body fat analysis, as well as circumference measurements of the crucial “weight gain” areas, so you know your starting point.


  • Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan – Our latest accelerated weight loss eating plan is designed to help you drop your extra “summer weight” quickly while maintaining your muscle and keeping it tone. It even includes our proven Truthentics™ nutritional support supplements that will help you compensate for nutritional deficiencies affecting your metabolism and bring your body back into balance.


  • Three Private 30-Minute Coaching Sessions – During the 4 weeks of the program, you meet with your Nutrition Coach three times for 30 minutes in a private setting during which they will help you implement, troubleshoot, and stay accountable to the program. You weigh in during each of these sessions and they will provide the individualized help you need so you lose 2-3 lbs. of pure body fat each week.


  • “After” Assessment – Includes measurement of your final program weight, and a body fat analysis with comparison of circumference measurements of the crucial “weight gain” areas. You’ll also receive a printed Program Results Report.

Why The Program Will Work For You…

The weight loss programs we have developed for our clients at Genesis over the past 20 years have always been a constant evolution of BEST PRACTICES that have enabled committed individuals to achieve extraordinary results in the shortest time possible.

The “secret success sauce” is in our 1-on-1 personal coaching. This KEY ingredient makes losing weight easier and faster. Having a personal coach who understands how to reset your metabolism, knows how you’re exercising, and understands the obstacles and struggles you face in the weight loss process, helps you eliminate failure and create total success.

IF you’re READY… to make the shift into a different body and dedicate just 4 weeks to get there, we invite you to join our Summer Recovery Program. This is your ticket to becoming a better version of yourself.

Registration opens on Monday, August 19th. You can sign-up by calling our Center at 215-504-0100 or by stopping in at Genesis Personal Fitness in Newtown, PA.

Program Fee if registered BEFORE August 31st ……….. ONLY $289

Program Fee if registered AFTER August 31st …………. ONLY $389

**Program includes our proven Truthentics™ nutritional support supplements (Valued at over $100)

NOTE: Since the Summer Recovery Program involves 1-on-1 private weight loss coaching with one of our Nutrition Coaches, seating is limited to only 15 participants.

CALL TODAY… 215-504-0100

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