Below are some questions people often ask about our Center, Services, and Programs.  If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Q. What exactly is Genesis Personal Fitness?
A.   We are a unique weight loss center that is all based around one fundamental principle: Knowing precisely what YOUR body needs to lose weight… because ONE diet or ONE exercise plan DOESN’T FIT ALL. We help you accomplish this through effective weight loss nutrition and exercise strategies based on your unique metabolism.  Best of all, we help you successfully implement these strategies into your busy lifestyle.   Unlike traditional health clubs, we are in the “results” business, not the membership business.  We know that if you achieve the results you’re looking for, you’ll tell your friends, family and business associates about us.

Q. What makes your center different from a health club or other facility?
A.  First, our center’s primary focus is weight loss.  We combine proven weight loss nutrition with exercise designed specifically for weight loss.

Second, Genesis Personal Fitness does not provide a “one size fits all”, cookie cutter program.  Your needs are unique, especially when it comes to weight loss.  We design your weight loss and exercise program specifically for your unique metabolism and lifestyle. 

Third, Genesis Personal Fitness is the ONLY center in Bucks County and the surrounding area that provides metabolic profiling to assess your needs.  With a metabolic profile, you learn exactly the maximum calories you must consume for weight loss  as well as what foods you should eat for easier weight loss.  Metabolic profiling also reveals at what intensity (heart rate) you must exercise at for maximum fat burning.  Many people don’t know these factors and therefore struggle with attaining lasting weight loss results.

Our scientifically proven, exercise strategies combined with balanced nutrition and weight loss coaching provide you with all the tools you need for an amazing body transformation, and we’ll be with you every step of the way with encouragement, education and accountability.  Our clients tell us that our inviting, friendly, “structured” approach is highly motivational and removes the many excuses they could have for dropping out of their program.  They especially like our “Exercise-By-Appointment” System because it makes it easy for anyone to “stick to” their weight loss exercise commitment each week.

The Genesis difference is real and our thousands of satisfied clients are the proof.

Q. Will I be working with qualified people?
Our team of fitness and nutrition professionals are highly trained to provide you with the best personal service available in the marketplace today.  Often times traditional health clubs hire trainers that are unqualified to work with your unique needs.   Conversely, our Genesis Certified Exercise Instructors and Weight Loss Coaches must meet the highest standards of professionalism through education and continued learning.  You can be assured you’re working with some of the most qualified and best professionals in the area at Genesis Personal Fitness.

Q. Why should I invest in your services when I can just join a local gym to lose weight?
A.  Because typical gyms don’t offer the essential strategies you need to achieve timely results, look better, and feel better!  If you’re willing, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to achieve the results you are looking for.  A typical gym or health club may offer lots of equipment and classes, but they offer little in the way of help, direction, or expertise.  Many who join typical health clubs and gyms generally stop going after just a few weeks due to overcrowding, lack of accountability, no guidance and support… and they wind up paying for a membership they never use, and that’s not money well spent.   Think of our services as an investment in your health and your life!

Q. How much time do I need to commit to the weight loss exercise part of your program?
A. You can get started in this part of your program at Genesis in as little as 2 hours per week.  This includes performing our specialized form of strength training called Metabolic Resistance Training (M.R.T.) for 30 minutes along with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.  Your cardiovascular exercise regimen will be based upon the results of an exercise metabolism assessment.  We typically recommend you perform your fat-burning cardio exercise after your M.R.T. workouts on the days you exercise with us.

Planning your M.R.T. exercise is as important as planning any other activity in your schedule.  If you block out an hour for exercise two days a week you’ll be on your way to results.  We will provide you with the appropriate program and the guidance and accountability of your Genesis Certified Exercise Instructor but you must commit to putting in the time consistently if you want to see the results.

Q. What if I have never exercised before?
A. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced level athlete or totally new to exercise.  We have numerous programs for all different situations.  Plus, every one of our programs is individualized to meet the needs and goals of every client.

Q:  I’ve tried many weight loss programs but have never been able to lose weight and keep it off.   Why would your approach be more successful than any other?
A:  Most weight loss programs fail because of several reasons.  Many programs do not emphasize the importance of participating in an effective resistance-based exercise program while dieting.  Others base their programs on the purchase of products and not on the development of healthier eating strategies.  And yet others merely address symptoms rather than the causes of being overweight.

Excess weight and obesity are expressions of underlying imbalances within the body.  This is why it is critical for you to understand your metabolism and exercise and eat accordingly.  This explains why some people lose weight on a high-protein diet and others lose weight on a high-carbohydrate diet-or anything in between.  The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat and exercise according to your metabolic profile.

Q. How will my program begin?
A. Our new clients begin with a comprehensive Weight Loss Evaluation that takes place over a series of several appointments.   Resting metabolic rate and exercise metabolism testing, body composition testing, and a one-hour session that gauges muscle strength and endurance, and cardio respiratory fitness level provide us with the initial information we need to prepare an effective program for you.

Q. How often will my progress be evaluated?
A. We evaluate your progress at each workout as a means of knowing when and how to increase intensity.  However, we recommend that you schedule official follow-up progress assessments every 4 weeks.

Q. How fast will I lose weight and how much weight can I expect to lose in the first 8 weeks?
A. This will vary from individual to individual.  This is not a “Hollywood Diet” or some other “quick-fix” where you lose a significant amount of weight overnight.  There’s only ONE way to effectively lose body fat and keep it off and that’s with a sensible eating plan and effective exercise program.  When you begin your program, the increased physical activity will often result in weight loss of a few pounds. The better you are at making the recommended changes in your diet the better your results will be.

The entire process of getting your body to effectively and efficiently burn stored body fat requires a synergistic approach of changes in your diet, cardiovascular exercise and resistance-based exercise.  Your objective is to continually improve and progress in all THREE of these areas if you want to see your body change.  For example, you can’t just do the resistance training and not make changes in your diet and expect to see significant changes.

The average person can expect to lose 1-3 pounds per week based upon the variables of total body weight, how much fat they need to lose, previous diet history and hydration level.  Men typically lose faster than women due to more muscle, greater total body weight and higher levels of testosterone.  Someone who has become over-fat by simply eating too many calories typically loses faster than someone who has been a starvation dieter or a yo-yo dieter.  A decrease in 1-2% of body fat in the first 8 weeks is very good.

If you follow the program correctly, you’ll start to see significant changes during the first 8 weeks. You’ll know the program is working even without stepping on the scale by how your clothes fit.

Q:  Does this program place all its emphasis on just losing weight?
A:  No, our programs are about body “re-composition”.  It’s about losing fat and inches, and at the same time restoring and maintaining lost muscle that is adversely affecting your metabolism.  Other weight loss programs that measure success by gross poundage lost almost always involve losing more than just body fat — vital body fluids are lost through dehydration and muscle tissue is also lost – this lowers your body’s metabolism and sets you up to eventually re-gain all the weight you’ve lost… and more.

Q:  I don’t understand why I need to assess my metabolism – isn’t it true that if I just eat fewer calories than I’m burning, I’ll lose weight?
A:  It’s true… to lose weight you must take in fewer calories than your body is capable of burning.  But losing weight is only a small part of what you hope for when you diet.  You want to lose weight in the right places, you want to look and feel great, and you want to keep off the weight you lose.  Reaching these goals requires both an eating and exercise strategy that is right for your metabolism.

Q. What do I do if I reach a plateau in my weight loss?
A. Unfortunately, weight loss does not always occur in a linear fashion but rather happens in accordance to the physiological changes that are happening in your body.  Think of it this way, your body likes to be in a state of balance. It will always look to achieve that sense of balance.  If you’ve reached a plateau that means you need to change things up.

Our objective is to provide your body with the correct nutrition for releasing fat stores and continually improve on the intensity of your exercise so you’ll burn more of that fat.  A common mistake people make is failing to increase their calories as they progress to higher levels of intensity with their workouts.  Remember, calories are nothing more than fuel and you must provide your body with enough fuel to keep your metabolism on high and effectively burn stored body fat.

A metabolic profile is an extremely valuable and effective tool to use when you’ve reached a plateau. You can learn exactly how many calories you need to consume for weight loss, what foods are best to eat to make weight loss easier, and at what intensity (heart rate) you should be completing your cardio for maximum fat burning.  We recommend you complete a metabolic profile as the first step in your weight loss program.  Your metabolism in unique and therefore a personalized approach should be taken with nutrition and exercise strategies.

Q:  I feel run down and fatigued most the time.  Can a Genesis program help me?
A:  Your body is designed to be healthy.  A blueprint for your own perfect health is present in each of your cells.  The only way you can fulfill this potential is by providing your body with the necessary tools to generate ideal health.  All you need to do is give it what it needs and then let it take over.   Positive changes are bound to occur shortly after fully complying with your new exercise and eating regimen.  Be realistic, if you have been following an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time, you cannot wave a magic wand and expect to feel great overnight.  You must build health from the ground up and give it a little time.

Q:  I’ve been told I have a condition known as insulin resistance?  Can you help me?
A:  Insulin regulates blood-sugar levels within an extremely narrow range.  It is responsible for getting fat stored in our fat cells (adipose tissue), getting sugar stored in our liver and muscle cells (as glycogen), and getting amino acids directed toward protein synthesis (muscle building).  When the body is under long periods of stress, its cells stop responding to insulin and switch from storage mode to secretion mode – your fat cells dump more fat into the system, liver cells crank out more glucose, and muscle cells allow protein to be broken down.

When your body’s cells ignore insulin on a regular basis, it leads to the condition known as insulin resistance which predisposes a person to the development of diabetes.  While our program is not a cure all for health conditions, exercise on a regular basis coupled with eating right for your metabolic type has been known to help lower blood sugar levels and reduce the effects stress has on the body.

Q:  I have a friend or relative with a health issue.  Can this person do a program?
A:  Our program can be helpful to anyone who needs to make more informed choices about what foods to select on a day-to-day basis or to those who would benefit from structured, supervised exercise.  Our programs are not designed to be a therapeutic protocol for people with serious chronic degenerative diseases.  However, our approach is well suited for people who may be dealing with a wide range of very common health concerns such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, low blood sugar, chronic fatigue, arthritis, muscular aches and stiffness, physical and emotional stress, and so on.