Testing Services

Genesis Personal Fitness provides a variety of platinum standard testing and expert consultation services for individuals looking to learn more about their body compostion and metabolism.

Our facility is focused on people just like you, from those who are in good shape and want to get in great shape to those who have struggled losing weight and are looking for a better way to achieve their weight loss goals.

These services help you identify your current body composition (body fat percentage, lean mass, and BMI), resting metabolism rate, and overall fitness level (VO2 assessment).

They will help you accurately measure changes in your body compostion as fitness, nutritional, and emotional plans are implemented.


    • Not your average body fat test... only a proven, precision instrument is used for accurate measurement.

    • Test results provide you with a total breakdown of the percentages of fat, muscle, and water in your body.

    • You receive a report detailing your body composition, as well as how much weight you can expect to lose depending the plan you develop for yourself to follow.

    • Test takes less than 15 minutes, start to finish!

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    • Essential information for losing weight and fat or re-building/adding muscle.

    • Pinpoints the number and types of calories you need to consume to lose excess body fat.

    • Determines whether you're more of sugar-burner or a fat-burner.

    • Identifies YOUR measured daily caloric zones to lose the right kind of weight.

    • Identifies the foods you should favor to lose weight based on the status of your current metabolism.

    • You receive a complete report detailing your assessment results.

    • If you can sit in a chair, you can pass this test.

    • Test takes 30 minutes, start to finish!

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VO2 CARDIO FITNESS ASSESSMENT                                                

    • Precisely identify your specific target training zones.

    • Burn fat, increase your endurance, and maximize your sports performance and weight loss exercise.

    • Removes guess work from your training and competing, as well as exercising for efficient weight loss.

    • Exercise more effectively, with less fatigue, fewer injuries, and better results.

    • Know exactly where your body "hits the wall" if participate in competitive sports.

    • You receive a complete report detailing your assessment results as well as the ability to use your results on a mobile app during exercise.

    • Testing will take 6-20 minutes depending on your current fitness level.

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    • You've got the data... but do you know how to use it to motivate yourself and plan your strategy to lose weight, increase your sports performance, or just get the most out of your exercise?

    • We offer 30-Minute Results Consultations with one of our Test Administrators to help you get the most from your testing.

    • Depending upon your goals, we can tailor your Results Consultation accordingly.

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