Testimonials From Our Testing Clients

Mike N:

My wife and I went for metabolism testing at genesis yesterday. The overall experience was excellent.

Booking:  I called and spoke to a test Administrator who scheduled me right away.  We paid in advance and selected a convenient appointment time. We were provided comprehensive instructions and directions upon booking.

Appointment: The center was clean and our Test Admin was very friendly. When we walked in the door, we were greeted right away and asked to complete a pre-testing questionnaire.  This were very thorough.

Procedure: Our test Admin gave us simple instructions, briefly explained what was going on, and began the testing. It's super simple and easy.

Results/Data: The best part of the experience, IMO. You're given a folder with nice color printouts of all your data. And there's a LOT of it. They also put all this data into your client file, so that if you choose to come back for follow-up tests, you'll be able to track your progress.

Value: We chose to have a Results Consultation so we could put our testing to practical use.  We both thought it was well worth the additional fee. Plus they give you a 25% off gift card for your next booking, which most people do anyway. So altogether, it's a pretty good deal for a twice-a-year thing.

Elizabeth P:

Had my Body Comp Analysis and RMR this morning. I had heard that your metabolism governs your ability to lose weight.  After I received my results, I have no doubt this is true.  I tested about 4% higher in body fat than what my gym told me, but it was eye opening to learn that even though I was exercising a few days a week, I had a slower than normal metabolism. 

Plus I learned that I was a sugar burner and so I wasn't using all the calories I had stored as fat.  I was burning calories alright, but not the right kind.  I received a detailed folder with my test results explaining everything, and the process was quick and easy (and the staff was super friendly!).

I booked another appointment in six months to see what kind of progress I can make between now and then. Highly recommend.

Jen G:

I had my first Body Comp Analysis and RMR done today and it went smoothly. I wasn't sure what to expect but they put me at ease and then took time to explain all the results. Both are interesting tests, and I will definitely take it again.

Kim R:

Had a 2 person appointment today for my partner and I and the experience was really great. We are NOT elite athletes but a couple of 50 somethings who like to keep an eye on their ongoing health. I'd highly recommend having this done at any age.

Roth C:

A great place for all of your fitness testing needs. The staff couldn't be more polite and helpful. I will definitely be going back for follow ups. I highly recommend them even though I don't exercise there.  Maybe I should.

Joe L:

Great place, fast efficient service. Explained everything. Convenient location and parking. Was in and out in 30 minutes with all of the info I came for. A great, accurate way to track your goals.

Rianna K:

Had a great informative experience testing. Made my next appt for 12 weeks later so I can see my progress on my working out regimen and see if I need to improve or change up my workouts. Looking forward to seeing if my body changes and improves in the next 12 weeks.

Karly W:

Such informative tests (RMR and VO2)! The staff was really nice and made me feel comfortable. I can't wait to go back in 6 months or so to see if I've made progress with my body composition goals.

Michelle R:

Love Elena & the Staff- Tests are affordable, hours are convenient, testing is done quickly. Staff gives good explanation of test results for your use for your wellness journey!

Scott H:

The best information you could possibly get for yourself if you want to better understand your body and how it works. Been coming here for over a year and will continue to come.