Power Of 10 Workout

Power Of 10 Workout

Recognizing that the top three barriers most people face to achieving ideal health are time, injury (or risk thereof), and lack of knowledge, Genesis Personal Fitness offers a solution, with a safe, efficient, and sustainable program, implementing a focused technique on specialized equipment, with one or two 30-minute sessions a week.

Genesis Personal Fitness is not an athletic "big box" gym. We specialize in a slow motion, high-intensity strength training protocol that proves to be an extremely safe, but astonishingly efficient, way to re-build vital muscle. This is a revolutionary program for people with demanding schedules, who want optimal results in minimum time.

In exchange for an intensely challenging 30 minutes of their week, Genesis clients who participate in Power Of 10 Workouts avoid spending hours each week in a typical gym and instead enjoy the time to live the lives they want. Science based and evidence backed – it really works.

With enhanced muscle strength, you can fight the aging process, and protect yourself from injury, pain, diabetes, and osteoporosis. You'll live a healthier lifestyle... enjoying fat loss, more energy and greater endurance. The Power Of 10 Workout can provide the platform in which you can live to the fullest.

How It Works

We reduce the speed of each repetition to a snail's pace, a cycle of 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down (from which the workout gets its name) for a period of just 2-3 minutes with no rest between.

Why? When you slow down repetitions, your muscles are forced to work harder, unable to rely on momentum to propel movement. And, because your movement is less herky-jerky, the risk of injury is dramatically reduced.

Using specialized equipment, our degreed and certified Genesis Exercise Trainers will provide you with a full-body workout by doing just six to eight exercises under the close supervision and guidance, ensuring that you're maintaining proper form for your safety.

You will find that your Genesis Exercise Trainer proves unparalleled for maintaining your motivation, accountability, and for tracking your progress.  And you never have to worry about wondering if you're "doing it right".  Our Genesis Exercise Trainers are responsible for designing your workout, setting up the machines, and motivating you through the tough and final repetitions of each exercise... all the while keeping your personal chart and notes updated on your progress.

Our focus with the Power Of 10 Workout is on re-building and maintaining your muscle. This will help to supercharge your metabolism and increase cardiovascular endurance, which will make you leaner and stronger. In turn, this will also help to reduce health problems such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and chronic pain.

After your workout, we advise a resting period of at least three to five days. During this recovery time, your body will actually rebuild your muscle fibers so you get stronger. This recommended resting period allows your body sufficient time to recover while still burning fat. Also, your already busy schedule is gifted with more free time to live your life to the fullest and participate in the activities that bring you pleasure and joy.

Finally, if you're wondering if the Power Of 10 Workout is safe for out-of-shape older adults, the answer is YES!  In many cases, it should be the only way older adults engage in exercise. That is because our super slow lifting speeds, the watchful eyes of our Genesis Exercise Trainers, and special equipment we use won't exacerbate any pre-existing injuries. Also, the older we get, the faster we lose muscle, which leads to falls, injuries, digestive disruptions, joint problems, and loss of bone density. The key to preventing all these issues is engaging in a safe, yet challenging strength-training program.

If you're ready to take the next step and change your health and lifestyle with the Power Of 10 Workout, call us to schedule your FREE 30-minute Consultation today.