The Genesis Anti-Aging Exercise Program

The Genesis Anti-Aging Exercise Program

You Can Look Thinner & Feel Younger Than You Did 5, 10, Or Even 20 Years Ago!

It seems to happen all of a sudden.  In fact, it can blind-side you.  You get so busy with "doing your life" that you hardly realize that the real you has started to slip away.

Age-related changes in your muscle...

As you age, your muscle loses size and strength, which contributes to fatigue, weakness, poor posture, and a reduced tolerance to exercise. This happens because:

Muscle fibers reduce in number and shrink in size as you age. Muscle tissue regenerates more slowly and is replaced with a tough, more fibrous, much less flexible tissue as you age. Muscle tone reduces and the ability to contract them becomes more difficult.

Age-related changes in your bone...

As you age, the structure of your bone changes resulting in loss of bone tissue.  Lower bone mass means your bones are weaker and places you at risk of breaks from sudden bumps or falls.

Bones become less dense as we age for a number of reasons, including:

An inactive lifestyle causes bones to deteriorate. Hormonal changes especially in women as menopause triggers the loss of minerals in bone tissue.  And in men, the gradual decline in sex hormones can lead to development of osteoporosis in their later years. Bones lose calcium and other minerals.

Age-related changes in your joints...

As you age, joint movement becomes stiffer and less flexible because the amount of lubricating fluid inside your joints decreases and the cartilage becomes thinner.  Being inactive causes the cartilage to shrink and stiffen, reducing joint mobility. In addition, your ligaments begin to shorten and lose some flexibility, making your joints feel stiff.

Many of these age-related changes to joints are caused by lack of exercise.  Movement of the joint, and the associated 'stress' of movement, helps keep the fluid moving. 

The Genesis ANTI-AGING EXERCISE Program...
A More Intelligent SOLUTION for Exercise

Aging is "normal".  But, you should never have to surrender helplessly to chronic aches and pains, loss of energy and mobility, poor posture, and weight gain-regardless of your chronological years.

It's no secret that exercising keeps you younger-both in terms of the energy you have and your physical ability to keep doing the things you love.  Your fitness level can directly affect how youthful you look, the way you move, and your ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Everyone, no matter their age, can benefit from age-appropriate exercise!

Intelligent exercise is exercise that provides just the right type of physical movements, in just the right amounts, to get your body to do what you want. 

Our exclusive Genesis ANTI-AGING EXERCISE Program has been designed to incorporate the right combination of strength, cardiovascular and flexibility exercise. 

Your exercise program will be customized to your needs and goals taking into account your age, existing health, current level of daily activity, past exercise history, dietary habits, current lifestyle, and budget which are all determined during an initial fitness assessment and evaluation.

Experience Our Exclusive Metabolic Resistance Training (M.R.T)

The primary purpose of this type of strength exercise is to improve muscle function and restore your calorie-burning metabolism so that losing and maintaining your weight is easier.  Done properly, it will help you develop stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments, enabling you to perform better in all physical activities.

MRT also reduces your risk of low back pain, illnesses such as diabetes and degenerative problems such as osteoporosis.  It further helps you reach and maintain a proper weight and body composition (fat vs. muscle) by boosting your resting metabolism and thereby burning more calories throughout the day, even at rest.

When performing your Metabolic Resistance Training, you will utilize Nautilus machines to safely and effectively work with your body's natural movements.   Using this highly sophisticated equipment not only protect muscles and joints from injury, but they also enables you to re-build lost muscle more quickly. 

As you move between exercises, your Certified Genesis Instructor helps you adjust each machine to conform to your body's size and shape.  This is why any person of any age can safely take advantage of the many benefits that this form of strength training offers. 

Just The Right Amount Of Cardiovascular Activity...
Exercise Smarter Not Harder! 

At Genesis Personal Fitness, we view cardio/aerobic activity as an extension of the cardiovascular endurance developed during the MRT strength exercise portion of each session. 

While performing cardio exercise at Genesis is optional, when performed properly it can be an important factor in "burning" excess stored calories on our bodies called body fat.

We recommend that each client has an Exercise Metabolic Assessment if they wish to achieve the best results from their 'cardiovascular' exercise efforts.  The results of an Exercise Metabolic Assessment tell us the right level you should perform your cardio exercise to achieve the optimum sustainable burn of fat and calories, as well as improve overall fitness.

"Super Stretch" Your Way To Renewed Flexibility

Greater flexibility means enhanced performance from your body.

It means a return to doing the things you used to do without "feeling it" the next day.  It means more productive results from your strength and cardiovascular exercising with more energizing sensations throughout your body.  It means feeling younger and feeling better!

At Genesis Personal Fitness, we offer a complete stretch program that facilitates enhanced movement around the knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow, and wrist.  In addition, the stretches work through seven major muscles groups, including the vulnerable hamstrings and low back musculature.  Even clients with limited flexibility can measurably improve their range of movement.

Your Next Step Is To Begin!

Our Genesis ANTI-AGING EXERCISE Program is available in small group classes, on a one-on-one personal basis, or a combination of both.  Your program begins with an Initial Consultation, a physical assessment including a weight/body fat analysis, and a personal strength assessment.  An Exercise Metabolism Test is typically recommended as well. 

A typical exercise commitment can be as little as two sessions per week

You deserve and owe it to yourself to obtain all of the health benefits listed below. The feeling of great strength, health and vitality is impossible to describe. Let us help you experience it and to enjoy these benefits and more:

Improved cardiovascular health
Increased bone density 
Raised H.D.L.´s (a.k.a., 'the good cholesterol')
Improved blood pressure 
Enhanced joint flexibility
Better muscular endurance 
Lower back and neck pain relief
Arthritis pain relief 
Controlled blood sugar 
Restored lost muscle
Improved metabolism 
Decreased belly fat 
Increased physical strength 
Better balance and coordination

If you would like to learn more about what the Genesis ANTI-AGING EXERCISE Program can do for you, schedule for your FREE Consultation TODAY.  No sales stuff, no pressure and no gimmicks!