A More Refined Workout Environment

A More Refined Workout Environment

In ways both fundamental and cosmetic, Genesis Personal Fitness provides an exercise environment like no other – one that is conducive to optimal concentration and ideal for time efficient exercise.

From the music soundtracks to the temperature within, we've removed the distractions and designed our center to help you keep your focus... on you. You won't be battling crowds, waiting in lines to get to your next exercise station, assaulted with amped-up music, or distracted by wall-to-wall mirrors.

All of our specialized Nautilus and Technogym Strength Training Machines are medical grade and equipped with specially-engineered "cams" for a safe, results-producing workout. These upgraded exercise equipment features are specially designed to accommodate your body's natural movements and strength curves, and help you maintain smooth and controlled form throughout each exercise session.

Welcomed At Our Front Desk...

Specially-Designed Metabolic Resistance Training (M.R.T.) Area

KinesisTM ONE Functional Training Area

Kinesis ONE Functional Training Area

Recumbent Bike Cardio Exercise Area

Elliptical Trainer Cardio Exercise Area

SkillmillTM Full-Body Cardio Activation Exercise Unit

Skillmill Full-Body Cardio Activation Unit

Flexibility Training Area

Flexibility Training Area

State-Of-The-Art Metabolism Testing Lab