Genesis Medical Weight Management Program

Genesis Medical Weight Management Program

There is no longer any question that there are profound links between being overweight or obese and adverse health consequences. The epidemic of overweight and obesity in the United States has played a major role in driving such diverse diseases as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, lipid problems and even osteoarthritis and many cancers.

Over the last ten years, Genesis Personal Fitness has been a leader in Bucks County in the area of healthy weight management.  Genesis Personal Fitness is proud to offer a comprehensive "medically-cooperative" weight management program developed specifically for those individuals that suffer from various health conditions in which being overweight or obese is a primary influence.

If you are serious about finally taking the steps to control your weight, lower your risk for or prevent diabetes and other metabolic diseases and improve your health, the Genesis Medical Weight Management Program is for you.

What Is The Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program?

The Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program is, as the name suggests, the development of an individualized weight loss program under the direct supervision of our exercise physiologist and weight loss nutritionist, along with the cooperative input of your family physician, internist, cardiologist, or endocrinologist with a goal of achieving permanent weight loss and all of the beneficial health consequences that come from this.

The Genesis Weight Loss Management Team has a long standing background and profound expertise of over 20 years in what works and what doesn't work in the area of weight and health.  They have helped thousands of clients improve their health based on the direct links between between weight loss and reduction in risk of heart disease, lipid problems, hypertension, diabetes, the Metabolism Syndrome and osteoarthritis.

Who Is The Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program For?

The Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program is strongly recommended for individuals with any of the following conditions:

  • Any individual who is more that 30 pounds above healthy weight.

  • Any individual who has gained more than 20 pounds as an adult within the last 5 years.

  • Any individual with one or more risk factors for chronic disease (e.g., high blood pressure, lipid problems, diabetes or glucose intolerance, the Metabolic Syndrome or osteoarthritis.)

  • Any individual who is overweight who is willing to make a commitment to finally solving what, for most people, is a life long struggle.

What Is Included In The Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program?

Every individual who becomes a client in the Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program receives a detailed and comprehensive weight loss evaluation followed by the development of an individualized onsite exercise plan, weight loss nutrition plan, ongoing counseling sessions, repeat testing and the opportunity to participate in a maintenance program. These services are designed to maximize both weight loss and maintenance of weight loss and health benefits.

The Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program includes: 

  • Initial Weight Loss Interview - Each prospective client who wishes to become a client in the Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program meets with the Director for a Weight Loss Interview to discuss their current health profile, the amount of weight they need/want to lose, potential physical conditions that may prevent or slow timely weight loss progress, and their "coachability."  Following the Weight Loss Interview, the prospective client makes an informed decision to join the program or not.

  • Comprehensive Health History and Lifestyle Consultation - this includes a detailed discussion into prior and current health conditions, health systems review, and assessment of both positive and negative lifestyle habits.

  • Review Of The 3-Day Food Record - Individuals will be instructed on how to keep an accurate three day food record during their Initial Weight Loss Interview and asked to bring it with them on their Initial Weight Loss Assessment Appointment.  The three day food record will allow the Weight Loss Nutritionist to determine current levels of calorie intake as well as nutrient intake of protein, carbohydrate, and fat in their diet.

  • Height, Weight and Circumference Measurements - Will be obtained to determine a "starting point" or baseline, as well as allowing for the computation of the "vital signs" of obesity including body mass index.

  • Body Composition - Using our exclusive BodyMetrix Ultrasound Body Composition System. This provides a scientifically accurate assessment of lean body mass and total body fat relative to a client's overall weight.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment - From this assessment, we'll know...

    1. How healthy your metabolism is.
    2. How much food you can consume without gaining weight.
    3. What amount of food is required to lose weight.
    4. Your unique personal metabolic requirements or "metabolic fingerprint".
    5. How many calories from exercise should be included in your weight loss and weight management program.
    6. How to increase your "burn rate" of the calories you eat so they don't end up getting stored as body fat.
  • Exercise Metabolic Response (VO2 Peak) Assessment - From this assessment, we'll know...

    1. Your unique response to exercise and individual fitness level.
    2. How many calories you burn from fat compared to sugar (carbohydrates) when you exercise.
    3. The correct exercise intensity levels to increase the burn of your stored body fat and keep the muscle, while losing weight and inches with more predictability.
    4. The specific heart rate "zones" that are unique to you that will enable you to train your muscles to better "fat burners" and make weight loss a whole lot easier.

In addition, and in cooperation with a client's family physician, internist, cardiologist, or endocrinologist, the following may also be required: 

  • Complete Blood Work - This includes fasting blood sugar, insulin level, lipid profile and 20 other tests prescribed by the client's doctor.

  • Complete Physical Examination - A complete physical examination may be necessary before the program begins if it is found that additional health information is necessary due to long-standing health conditions which have not been evaluation within the last 2 years.  This medical examination is performed by the client's personal physician.

  • Electrocardiogram/Treadmill Stress Test - A baseline electrocardiogram followed by an exercise stress test on a treadmill may be required if the client has a long-standing history of cardiovascular disease.  These two tests will determine if any underlining cardiac abnormality exists and whether you are "exercise ready."

Your Individualized Program

Once all necessary evaluations and assessments are completed, you'll begin to participate in your individualized Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program. The program includes 2 components: 1) Metabolically-effective exercise and 2) A metabolism-specific weight loss eating plan.

The metabolically-effective Exercise Program includes:

  • Full-body Metabolic Resistance Training sessions that are short but highly effective, and always led by one of our Genesis Certified Exercise Instructors.
  • Cardiovascular exercise performed at the correct intensity (based on your Exercise Metabolism Assessment) that provides the optimum sustainable burn of fat and calories, as well as improves your fitness level and your lifestyle performance.

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The metabolism-specific weight loss eating plan includes:

  • A Weight Loss Nutrition Orientation in which you will be provided a detailed eating plan that fits your specific metabolism for weight loss and weight maintenance.
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins to keep you accountable and measure progress.
  • Weekly Coaching & Instruction Sessions to review progress to date, have questions answered, and discuss issues/obstacles that may be slowing progress.

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Periodic Repeat Testing & Assessments

At specific time intervals, selected parameters from the initial evaluation and testing will be re-tested to demonstrate progress and assess health risks. These will focus on particular health issues uncovered in the initial comprehensive evaluation.

Weight Maintenance Program

A Weight Maintenance Program is available with counseling sessions and weigh-ins on a monthly and bi-weekly basis, as well as the opportunity to interact with your weight loss counselor on an ongoing basis via e-mail and the internet.

What Does The Genesis Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program Cost?

The fees for the Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program at Genesis Personal Fitness can be discussed with the Client Services Director during your Complimentary Initial Weight Loss Interview and are be based on services rendered and those options that have been chosen. It is important to understand that the Genesis client is responsible for all fees for services rendered and that no insurance is accepted at Genesis Personal Fitness.

Do I Need A Referral?

No, you do not need a direct referral to become a client in our Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program at Genesis Personal Fitness.   However, we are pleased to accept referrals from physicians or other healthcare professionals who wish to help their patients improve their lifestyles by having them become Genesis clients in our Medically-Cooperative Weight Management Program.

To arrange such a referral, your physician may contact our Director Rita Bryan, M.S. at 215-504-0100.

How Do I Make An Appointment To Find Out More?

If you would like to learn more about what Genesis Personal Fitness can do for you in as little as 2 hours per week, schedule for your FREE Consultation today.