Genesis M.R.T. Strength Exercise

Genesis M.R.T. Strength Exercise

Imagine a strengthening program so powerfully effective, it can help you not only transform your body from fat to toned muscle, but it can also help you maximize your personal performance and productivity in all aspects of your life.

Our specialized Genesis Strength Training Program is called Metabolic Resistance Training (M.R.T.) and focuses on re-building and maintaining muscle, because unfortunately starting at age 30, we begin to lose lean muscle mass.  This loss of lean muscle can result in obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic pain, and an alarming variety of other health problems.

Re-building muscle and maintaining it is the best way to proactively combat these problems, as well as supercharge your metabolism and increase cardiovascular endurance.  Our clients see and feel the results in as little as a few weeks, but the benefits of maintaining your program will last a lifetime.

M.R.T. helps you get quicker results in less time.  We understand the importance of each client's individual needs and work-life balance.  Therefore we offer personal fitness programs that are time efficient and realistic, ideal for people with little time to spare.

M.R.T. is a highly effective, advanced and safe exercise protocol that produces maximum results in minimum time under the guidance of our Genesis Certified Exercise Instructors.  In M.R.T, slower lifting reduces momentum, which requires the muscle to do most of the work. As a result, muscle fatigue is reached in a minimum amount of time thereby giving you a more efficient exercise outcome.  By performing each exercise in M.R.T. fashion, our clients are able to lose weight, restore and tone muscle, and transform their bodies in a minimum amount of time.

M.R.T. can produce powerful results for all individuals, regardless of age or fitness level. Clients with prior injuries can safely strengthen muscles and protect themselves from future injuries because slow lifting reduces the forces that commonly cause injury to your joints, muscles and connective tissue.  Armed with the knowledge that you can train without injury, you will have the confidence to push your muscles to the required level of fatigue, making your workout more effective.

The Difference Is In The Results

Metabolic Resistance Training (M.R.T.) approach focuses on performing deliberately slow and controlled movements.  Since each repetition is one up-down cycle, a complete repetition using the M.R.T. protocol can take up to 20 seconds. This requires the Genesis Client to use the strength of their muscles to move the weights at slower speeds while reducing momentum and focusing on correct body/motion form.  With our Genesis Certified Exercise Instructors monitoring your movements every step of the way, your muscles do 100% of the work.

You work with a Genesis Certified Exercise Instructor to do five to eight exercises on our specially designed Nautilus machines.  On each strength training exercise, you spend about 90 to 150 straight seconds systematically working into the deepest layers of muscle fibers of each your body's muscle groups, achieving total momentary muscle fatigue and "flipping the switch" for your body to change.

Throughout the entire exercise session, you become acutely aware of your body's capabilities, and with quiet concentration, transform yourself into an exhilarating sense of accomplishment.

Only The Best Exercise Instructors For Our Clients

Each of our Genesis Certified Exercise Instructors have been carefully selected and trained to specialize in the M.R.T. protocol. Not only are they the most qualified, dedicated and professional partners we have, they also share the same passion for fitness and wellness as we do.

The ultimate goal of our Genesis Certified Exercise Instructors is to provide superior fitness coaching and mindfulness during each exercise session, with specific attention to your needs and ongoing monitoring of your progress. Our Genesis Certified Exercise Instructors will ensure that you are performing each exercise slowly to eliminate momentum and to maintain proper form to keep you safe from injury. They will also closely monitor your progress and continuously optimize your program to consistently advance your performance past plateaus and to deliver results.

Great Results From Training With Advanced Equipment
Our unique M.R.T. protocol requires sophisticated exercise equipment that provides you with the utmost in safety and human performance.

With conventional equipment or free weights, our M.R.T. protocol does not allow a smooth range of motion throughout each repetition.  As a result, your body can encounter "sticking points" that you can't move the weight past, as well as points where the resistance is too easy.

Each specialized strength training exercise machine at Genesis Personal Fitness is ergonomically designed to facilitate maximum efficiency and benefit according to our methods. These advanced exercise machines balance the strengthening resistance in accordance with your natural body movements. The resistance increases where your muscles are strongest and decreases at weaker points. These features not only protect muscles and joints from injury, but enable you to perform at peak levels.

Using state-of-the-art equipment at Genesis Personal Fitness enables our Genesis Certified Exercise Instructors to select the exact level of resistance to customize and meet each individual's needs for optimal results.  With our extensive collection of advanced strength training machines, we can address every muscle and body group for a complete full body exercise session.

A Center Optimized For The Best Results

Unlike large, warehouse-like gyms and health clubs, Genesis Personal Fitness provides an exercise training "environment" that supports personal focus and concentration to achieve the best results from each exercise session you participate in.  Our Center is private, quiet and free of distractions to allow for an optimal workout in the shortest amount of time.

From the moment you enter our lobby, the impeccably clean environment at Genesis Personal Fitness encourages progress and results. As you move between exercise machines, your Genesis Certified Exercise Instructor makes sure that each machine conforms to your body's size and shape. While your muscles work, the cool temperature of the Center keeps the rest of you comfortable.

In this calm, cell phone-free setting, your surroundings fade away as your Genesis Certified Exercise Instructor's soft guidance helps you focus on one thing: enabling your muscles to reach their peak so your body transforms faster to become the "new" you. 

If you would like to learn more about what Genesis Personal Fitness can do for you in as little as 2 hours per week, schedule for your FREE Consultation today.  No sales stuff, no pressure and no gimmicks!