Experience The Genesis Difference...

Experience The Genesis Difference...

The "Weight Loss & Exercise Approach" That Works!

Genesis Personal Fitness is a unique center offering weight loss nutrition and customized small group and one-on-one exercise programs to individuals looking to lose weight and improve their overall health and general lifestyle.

The Genesis Concept was established when co-founders Rita Bryan, M.S. and Richard Farina, M.S. started their first personalized weight loss and exercise facility almost twenty years ago.

Their programs, which focus on optimal weight loss nutrition based upon an individual's unique metabolism, along with their exclusive Metabolic Resistance Training (M.R.T.) form of strength exercise and metabolically-based cardiovascular exercise, provides Genesis clients with a unique edge to create the greatest opportunity to achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals.

Most people would agree that everyone benefits from a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and good nutrition. It is an absolute "must" if you plan to reap the benefits of good health and a long, active life.

So why doesn't everyone do it?

Here are some of the many of the reasons we've heard people (are you included) say about why they struggle with weight loss and following a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis:

I'm not motivated to stick with anything.
I don't have any moral support.
I don't have time to waste.
I'm stuck with a slow metabolism that I can't fix.
I hate pre-packaged food diets - I want to eat real food.
Exercise is boring especially when I see no results.
I hate working out in front of people at the gym.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know the best plan for me. 
There's too much information out there. I'm stuck.

 We're All About Results!

Genesis Personal Fitness is all based around one fundamental principle: 

Knowing precisely what YOUR body needs to lose weight...
because ONE diet or ONE exercise plan DOESN'T FIT ALL.

Thus, our mission at Genesis Personal Fitness is to provide high quality, affordable, personalized weight loss and exercise programs that remove those perceived barriers that discourage so many from beginning and then following through with a healthier eating and lifetime fitness program. 

Our combination of custom-tailored supervised exercise, weight loss and lifestyle nutrition counseling, and accountability strategies will help you regain a firm, well-toned, shapely, strong, healthy body... plus... restore your energy levels to youthful proportions.

At Genesis Personal Fitness, we are also pleased to provide you with a personable and well-managed 4,000 square-foot weight loss and exercise center designed to make you feel welcome and comfortable upon entering, not embarrassed or intimidated.  Personal attention with an upscale feel, in a meticulous clean environment is our hallmark. 

Our commitment to our clients is for them to experience the many benefits from practicing a healthier lifestyle as well as the confidence of personal accomplishment of their fitness and weight loss goals.  From making appointments to exercise, to keeping careful records of your session-to-session exercise activities, we strive to guide, motivate, and support you as you reach higher levels of personal health and satisfaction.

We are your coach, your cheerleader, and your partner in creating a health and fitness plan to last a lifetime!  The camaraderie you build with our staff will make the time you spend with us the best part of your day.  And... you'll be with people just like yourself working your way to a leaner, toned, healthy body.  

We're confident you'll find Genesis Personal Fitness to be unlike any other center you've been to.   All these factors collectively make up the Genesis difference but you really have to experience it for yourself. 

As one of our clients put it, "Genesis Personal Fitness not only is a place where everyone knows my name, it also is the place that actually delivers the service, quality, and expertise they say they will."

If you would like to learn more about what Genesis Personal Fitness can do for you in as little as 2 hours a week, schedule for your FREE Consultation TODAY.  No sales stuff, no pressure and no gimmicks!