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 What Our Clients Say
"I achieved greater and faster results than I imagined. The whole Genesis experience has been unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's been very empowering!"
-- Tom Moore
Success Story - Debbie Bray

"I reached a point in my life when I had to redefine me. Genesis was the answer... they really know what they're doing!"
-- Debbie Bray
Success Story - Debbie Bray

"I used to exercise 5-6 hours a week, mainly cardio. I would follow a popular diet. Even with all this effort, I could never lower my body fat and get the results that I hoped for. After only 3 months at Genesis, following their unique strength training, cardio and nutrition program, I lost 15 pounds and my body fat went from 35% to 24%. Amazing!"
-- Sharon Schultz
Success Story - Sharon Schultz

"I had let my body and my health get away from me and I knew I had to act fast because at 70 years "young", I knew I needed to find a solution that would not only work on the short-term, but for a lifetime!"
-- Mike Soroker
Success Story - Mike Soroker

"I lost 80 lbs. in 16 months at Genesis.  I had to... my health risk factors were out of control and I became diabetic because of my lifestyle.  If you're willing to put in just a few hours a week, the proven Genesis System will work for you too!"
-- Bob Capritti
Success Story - Bob Capritti

"I can't believe how easy it is to follow my plan and eat right every day.  This healthy eating plan synchronized with my exercise program at Genesis made getting back to the real me so easy.  I'm never hungry and I even have fling meals.  I've already dropped 2 pants sizes.  All my clothes are so big - it's absolutely wonderful!"
-- Teri Ricci

"I was serious about wanting to live healthy and get the most out of life – Genesis Personal Fitness not only showed me the way, but made sure I got there.   Genesis works.  And you definitely get what you pay for – in time, energy, money, health, and quality of life – and you get it for the long run."
-- Ryan Parry

"For me, the Genesis Personal Fitness Program has been a big success. I had tried other weight loss methods before and would sometimes actually lose weight but it would never last long. In my first 26 weeks, I lost 41 pounds and 54 inches!  I feel so much better about myself, both physically and emotionally. Joining Genesis Personal Fitness changed my life and I am so glad that I decided to take that "first step!"

-- Patti Stroup

"I love the support I get from my nutrition coach and how the exercise instructors keep me motivated and push me. I just love it. The people are great and I enjoy the camaraderie. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!"

 -- Mark Tate

"Genesis Personal Fitness gave me a personalized program that blended proven, monitored exercise and balanced nutrition with motivational support and coaching that created a plan that helped me achieve the success I was after."

 -- Bency Thomas

"Practicing law really took its toll on me; I let myself go physically and it started to affect my performance in the courtroom.  Genesis Personal Fitness gave me the motivation and skill set to recapture my edge... and ultimately recapture my life."

 -- Mark Reilly

"My doctor told me I had to start exercising and do it consistently. I couldn't make excuses any more - the gun was to my head. I came to Genesis Personal Fitness and found the miracle I was looking for. It was like going to a doctor's office and exercise was the cure!"

 -- Larry Schmidt

80% of people who start an exercise program quit within the first 30 days…

Don’t be one of them.

Let us show you how to achieve better health and personal fitness that will
unleash your potential to be the best version of YOU!

Genesis Exercise Group

Welcome to Genesis Personal Fitness...
Specializing in Personal Training, Medical Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Loss!

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to improve your health and fitness, control your weight, decrease stress and reduce factors that lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, breast and colon cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases?

You just found it.

Genesis Personal Fitness is all based around one fundamental principle:

Helping you become the-best-version-of-yourself.

Our goal at Genesis Personal Fitness is to help you achieve better health and a greater level of personal fitness through an individualized structured approach to exercise, nutrition, weight loss, and lifestyle habits.  We accomplish this with you by designing a customized strength training, cardiovascular exercise and weight loss nutrition program that is safe and results driven.

It is the integration of these three components together that is the “genius” of what Genesis Personal Fitness is all about.

State-Of-The-Art Exercise Equipment & Facility

We are NOT an ordinary, one-size-fits-all health club or gym. Our leading edge facility in Newtown, Pennsylvania of Bucks County gives us the ability to use the most advanced exercise technology and methods.  We use all state-of-the-art equipment in every aspect of our program. Our Slow2Peak® strength training protocol is designed to produce maximum results in a minimum amount of time regardless of your current age or fitness level.  The cardiovascular exercise part of our program is customized to your metabolism testing results to maximize your fat burning potential so that your weight loss is fat rather than muscle based. And our facility provides an upscale, meticulously clean exercise environment and is specifically designed to make you feel welcome and comfortable even if you have never exercised before. You won't be battling crowds, waiting in lines to get to your next exercise station, or distracted with loud, blaring music.

We’re Time-Efficient For Your Busy Schedule

We know your time is very valuable.  In fact, it is often the number one reason why people don’t exercise on a regular basis.  And this is why our program is designed to be extremely time-efficient. Your exercise sessions can be completed in just 1 hour. All of your exercise “appointments” will be scheduled so there will be no waiting for equipment or for your exercise sessions to start. When you commit to your hour of personal improvement, we commit to keeping you on schedule while you achieve higher levels of fitness and have a richer, more abundant experience. Your hour will be spent receiving personal attention, guidance, motivation and support.

We Partner With You To Create Both Fitness & Health

We partner with you to create a personal fitness plan for your lifestyle to last a lifetime! Weight loss nutrition programs are available for the support you need to achieve great results. Most importantly, Genesis Personal Fitness was designed with the person who does not have a significant exercise background in mind. Our certified instructors guide you throughout your exercise appointment so that you will never be intimidated by the equipment and will get the most out of your experience each and every time. You will be exercising with other people just like you who are working toward a leaner, toned healthy body.  We encourage you… challenge you… and inspire you to want to be the best version of yourself.

Medically Approved... Because Exercise Can Be Medicine Too

At Genesis Personal Fitness, we have strong relationships with the medical community that enables us to partner with your physician in identifying your health risk factors, improving your health, and making these the best years of your life. This is why we always take into consideration input from your physician, your health history, and your personal fitness goals when we develop a personalized program for you. And each time you exercise at our center, you'll be working with one of our specially-trained exercise instructors who will adjust the exercise equipment, make sure that you perform the exercises correctly with the right intensity, coach and supervise you to obtain the best possible results, and note your progress every time. So be re-assured that if your doctor has recommended that you start exercising on a regular basis... we'll ease you into exercise at a pace that's both comfortable and safe for you.

"Your approach to personal exercise is very inspiring. Thanks for your promotion of sensible exercise and healthy lifestyles. Continued Success with your excellent work. God Bless." -- Wayne Westcott, Ph.D.

Isn’t it time to take your personal fitness, your health,
and your life to the next level?

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Testimonial: Genesis Client Sharon Schultz